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I had Macs and WinNT4 machines at that time. Win95/8/ME was banished to the Outer Darkness. NT4 on a good Pentium or Pentium II CPU (up to 450 glorious MHz! The speed, the incredible unbelievable speed!) was very nice, almost as nice as OS 8.x or OS 9 on a up to 300 MHz (still more glorious speed!) PowerPC G3.

I still have an old beige G3 desktop. 266 MHz. 768 MB RAM (yes, Apple said that it topped out at 192. Apple was wrong). The extra VRAM for the video card. The internal IDE 6GB (no, that's not a typo, that's six whole gigabytes, who could ever use up that much storage?) hard drive replaced by 20 GB UltraSCSI drive. The internal Zip drive ripped out and used for its finest purpose, a paperweight. A PCI card with USB 2 and FireWire 400 ports. And a floppy drive which STILL WORKS. My old WinNT4 machines are all dead, dead, dead now... If I want to do something like play old games (Harpoon! There is no finer game ever created! The Red Banner Northern Fleet rules the Atlantic! Soiuz nerushimyj respublik svobodnykh!) I either have to boot up my Win98 (ick) VM or boot the beige G3.

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