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Ian Reissmann,

I presume the patronising reply was aimed at me?

I do understand. It's very simple. People have been moaning about Amazon not paying any tax for about ten years. But they've never made much in the way of profits. As they recycled them all as investment into growing the company.

So while it's possible they may have moved a bit of tax from one jurisdiction to another, in general a company that makes $100m globally one quarter and loses $50m the next and pays a few millions in taxes in the UK each year is probably doing very little wrong.

I'm fully aware that companies deliberately complicate their tax affairs sometimes. But Amazon didn't look to be particular offenders. Except for when they were abusing the Channel Islands VAT exemption a few years ago.

Interestingly I just looked up the figures. So it looks like I'll have to go back and edit my posts. In 2016 they started making actual proper profits. So I guess the shareholders have finally kicked up a fuss, as I suggested above. They look to have made $1.5bn last year - which might well be about the same as the total of the previous ten years - while they pushed vast sums of cash into huge server farms all over the world.

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