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"i5-4440, 12GB RAM, SSD etc"

Just what sort of business sector do you work in if you think that's a low/mid-spec PC???

Since having W10 foisted on us at work here, there have been several instances where I've switched my PC on in the morning, and half an hour later it's still not finished chuntering through whatever the hell it's decided to update this time...

And random reboots, oh yes, those too. Despite having my active hours set such that Windows shouldn't be doing anything during the times when I'm in the office, I recently left the PC running a data capture session while I popped out to grab some lunch. Half an hour later I got back to the office to find the bloody thing had done an update & reboot about 5 minutes after I walked out the door. There were a few barely concealed expletives hurled in the direction of the W10 development team at that point.

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