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I read somewhere, some time ago that if everyone who earned over £x,000 paid tax at 22% and corporations were taxed at 22% of all sales* and that both these stupid loopholes and our ridiculous tax laws** were abolished then the government would bring in something like double what they were at the time.

In essence, simplify it and make it fairer.

*It was a fair while ago so I am vague from memory if it was sales, revenue, profit, turnover etc but it did make sense at the time.

**Two examples - we apparently went from two A4 binders of tax law in 1997 to seventeen by 2005. We even have several pages prescribing what makes a boot as opposed to a shoe because boots, being classed as PPE aren't subject to VAT whereas shoes (even steel toecapped ones) are not PPE therefore are subject to isn't that bonkers?

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