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Re: Does it still have 2D FLATSO, SPYWARE, ADWARE ???

I have laptops here at home with both Pro and Enterprise on.

I allow them to get updates automatically, 'cos they're connected to the web (yes, not directly but still).

Honestly, I don't recognise this reboot, update, reboot, update...cycle.

Once a month I get a bunch of updates. My machines either reboot at 3am give or take or I can do it manually. Yeah if there's been a bunch of updates, it can be a bit of a PITA waiting for the whole boot cycle to finish but it does it once and then on wtih working.

Some updates - defender, for example, don't need reboots at all.

Just updated a Debian desktop I have in a VM and a Kali install on another laptop and both required reboots - granted they were much faster, but they still needed reboots.

Honestly a reboot once a month that takes a bit longer is hardly a royal PITA to most people.

And frankly, given the shite I've had to dig neighbours out of in the past because they'd either turned off updates or had a hooky copy of say XP that didn't get them, I'd say any home system shouldn't have the option to defer or turn off updates.

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