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What? WFW was only 16bit

"The moniker “Windows for Workstations” was used for the cut of Windows NT 3.5.1 and 4.0 intended for use as desktops for the power-hungry, as opposed to the version of Windows NT intended to power servers. Windows for Workstations was rather more reliable than either Windows 3.x or Windows 95,"

This is nonsense.

There were versions of Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11 that had networking included, optionally TCP/IP as well as Novell, not just NetBEUI that were marked as "Windows For Workstations". It was intended for peer to peer, or as a client on Novell, MS Lanmanager based servers (IBM or MS OS/2) or as a client to an NT based server.

There was a Workstation version of NT3.5, NT3.51 and NT4.0 called "Workstation" which simply had the client connections to its server features limited to 10 and some changes to easily visible default settings. NT3.1 only had one version.

The NT4.0 moved GDI to Kernel and had a CHOICE of Program Manager or the Win95 style Explorer Shell. You could still run the earlier standalone File Manager, which unlike Explorer could have dual windows.

This was continued with NT 5.0, better known as Windows 2000, with again essentially the "Workstation" and "Server" versions differing in number of Client connections.

NT5.1 was a Workstation only version, called XP

NT5.2 was a Server only version called Windows 2003 Server.

There was never ever an NT marketed as "Windows For Workstations", but there were "Server" and "Workstation" versions (difference was price and artificial limit to number of client connection when the "Workstation" was used as a Server.

The NT 4.0 Enterprise Server allowed clustering and use of PAE to access more than 4G RAM, as did Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

"Windows For Workstations" was only ever the 16 bit Windows 3.x that loaded from DOS.

From after XP, in 2003, the server versions of NT were differentiated by being called Server <year>






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