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The Home versions of Windows 10 handle updates completely different to the Professional versions. The home versions force updates on users, ... everyone I know who runs Windows but isn't an IT professional never lets their PCs update if given the choice

So does the Pro. The only concession it makes is that it allows you not to join the involuntary beta-testing program by "deferring" the "feature upgrades". By "up to a several months". Boo-hoo.

You still can't selectively block the updates. You still are forced to reboot and reboot and reboot - at the times you can only partially influence. It will still ignore many choices made through GPE. It will still keep disabling software it considers incompatible. It will still keep reinstalling stuff from the windows store you have explicitly removed. And sooner or later, it will still force those "feature updates" on you - even if you do not want or need any new stinking features, as your computer is already doing what you want the way you want it.

As far as people resisting Windows updates - ask yourself: why is that? Perhaps these people were burned by an update gone awry before, and are now more afraid of the O/S vendor than of viruses and ransomware. That's not a pretty thought, is it?

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