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Re: I vote to add the clearly bigoted Kieren McCarthy in San Francisco.

kierenmccarthy > Actually you can condemn people for holding objectionable, indefensible, hurtful and unpleasant beliefs. And you should.

And, of course, YOU get to decide what is indefensible, despite the greatest majority of comments here proving that not only is it defensible, as the ideas are grounded on reasoning and facts.

So what do you do? Instead of debating those arguments with your own opposite arguments so others can decide which are more valid, you resort to covering your ears with your hands while calling the author and everyone else defending him names - like a good 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum would do. Well done. Not.

By the way, nobody is disputing that those arguments may be unpleasant, hurtful and objectionable to you. The truth many times is. And if you don't think it is the truth, then *rationally* explain why the message is wrong - instead of attacking the messenger.

And no, despite your accusation, I am not a troll. Just look up my comments history.

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