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> men relatively prefer jobs that involve working with their hands rather than more intellectual pursuits

Men iz dumb. I can haz flint?

> men have a harder time empathising with customers, with taking direction, with admitting mistakes

What about men who don't have customers? For example, I don't have any customers. But I empathise with all the customers of Spectrum (née Time Warner Cable).

Men have a hard time taking direction? Ask anyone who has served in the military.

Men have a hard time admitting mistakes? Some men do. It's a size issue methinks.

> men on average focus on their career and money ahead of their families, and are more concerned with money and status.

Again, ask someone who has served in the military. Alongside women preferably.

The author of the memo under discussion wants to de-emphasize empathy and abolish diversity efforts. Because men in general are naturally predisposed to computer programming - something about testosterone - while women are just "neurotic". And not that good with computers. But women are good at customer service. And cooking.

But when it is pointed out that these views are out of step with the generally accepted norms of our modern society - including the military - the memo author runs crying to some alt-right channel on Youtube, starts playing the oppressed victim and rails against Google's intolerance to opposing or alternate views.

That's the problem with alt-righters. You make indignant claims to the right to inclusion, tolerance, diversity and affirmative action, but only for the purpose of promoting your own bigoted, intolerant and exclusionary brand of ideology.

You can't have it both ways. Either you accept inclusion and tolerance to diverse veiwpoints - including yours, or you don't.

If your premise is that modern society should de-emphasize empathy and forget about inclusion and tolerance, then your views have no place in this society. It's your ideas put in practice: society has de-emphasized empathy and has no tolerance for dissenting views. You're out.

If, on the other hand, you want your own views - as offensive as they may be - tolerated by modern society, then you must accept inclusion, empathy, diversity and tolerance as fundamental principles.

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