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"....The memo is garbage....." True, it is not going to make the Booker List, but that does not mean the issues raised should be rejected out-of-hand, nor that raising them should be verboten, especially as Google created the internal-only forum supposedly as a safe space for employees to raise concerns about company policies. Sure, send him on some diversity training, educate him as to why his theories are wrong, but fire him out of hand? Had his work been unsatisfactory, or he had a history of reducing team performance by insulting women members, then there would have been an understandable and proper reason to fire him. But, it seems the only reason they fired him was because he dared to hold an "unacceptable" viewpoint.

And then your article doesn't really delve into the memo, it just picks five people whose politics you don't seem to agree with for a barrage of insults. Whilst I'm sure that went down well with the members of the socio-political bubble you surround yourself with, you obviously failed to understand how other people might be alarmed by Google's effective suppression of thought. Google is already in the press for editing search results to hide political pieces they don't like (see here and here), so it's worrying that this unregulated and unelected body that has so much power over the Internet is again being shown as ideologically rigid, unquestioning and unforgiving of "unfavourable" views. Maybe you should seek a more diverse set of opinions before your next article.

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