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"my comparison to creationists is completely valid because you asserted that if you believe something to be true that makes it true"

ROFL - no I didn't, read the words. I said that I didn't agree with you and I couldn't see how you you thought the memo was "garbage". I even said that it was "my opinion".

I also said that your article was pants (several people have said this but I don't think you've responded).

Obviously I believe what I'm saying is true, and I think you must be barking if you really believe what you are saying, but I was completely assertion-less about believing anything to be true making it so.

It would be silly to assert any such thing: obviously, I might be wrong. I have been in the past (like when I believed all that Climate Doom nonsense). I suspect that you however might be someone who is never wrong. You do seem to be having a bit of a leftie style sense of humour failure today.

Anyway, great click bait if that was what you intended, and very amusing even if you really think all that stuff. I'm off now to post a link on Worstall's blog to share the mirth :-)

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