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Sweden is one of the countries where the laws most favor women. Women there have NO ISSUE choosing their professions, and are, in fact, encouraged to do so.

Despite this, the numbers do not reflect what feminists would like to see. When women are allowed to FREELY choose what they want to do, MOST of them choose jobs that are typically associated with the female gender. Not because the males drive them to it, but because THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT.

Why is it so hard to admit such a thing? Numbers do not lie:

The five most common occupations among women in Sweden:

Assistant nurses and hospital ward assistants

Home-based personal care and related workers

Child-care workers

Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals

Other office clerks

There is a TREMENDOUS gender imbalance - in favor of women - in the above professions (e.g.; 148, 600 women vs. 11,700 men for Assistant nurses and hospital ward assistants). What are you going to do about this? FORCE men to fill the gaps? No? Of course not. It is what it is. Different genders have different preferences.

Likewise here are the five most common occupations among men in Sweden:

Technical and commercial sales representatives

Heavy truck and lorry drivers

Computer systems designers, analysts and programmers

Stock clerks and storekeepers

Machine-tool operators

There are 54,100 men vs. 1,800 women for Heavy truck and lorry drivers. What are you going to do? Force women to become lorry drivers because you dream of gender equality in every field?! Of course not, that would be insane!

Bottom line is, people like the author of this article are trying to force ideology over reality. Does that remind you of something? Communism, maybe? And we all know how that turns out.

P.S. For Computer Systems, it's 51,800 men vs. 14,100 women - and since we are talking about Sweden, it's because women OBVIOUSLY prefer doing other things. Doh.

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