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> Lucas, the memo is garbage.

Yeah, that is what you keep saying. That and that you were offended by it (facts do not care about your feelings, by the way).

What I would like you to see you doing, however, is explaining WHY the arguments he raised are garbage. Debate them, one by one, if they truly are garbage you will have no problems debunking them.

Saying something is 'garbage' does not automatically make it so.

> And the article was about the dreadful people that felt the need to defend it, and to attack people that were offended by it. Even though it is garbage.

Wait, you had no problems *personally* attacking the author of the memo and those who defended it on a public article, but those who disagree with you are automatically 'dreadful people' to you? And you're the one accusing the author of the memo of black & white thinking?

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