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> Annonymous because it is clea rthat thsi debate is not about evidence or facts but about supressing debate and mocking those that hold views based on evidence instead of ideology.


Now Kieren, since you are obviously reading this: he is not accusing you of click bait, but of writing an *opinion* article in which - unlike the guy who wrote the original memo - your opinion is NOT based on ANY facts whatsoever - in fact it doesn't even TRY debating or counter-arguing the arguments raised in the memo - but on personally attacking the author of the memo because he *dared* to put in writing what many reasonable people think. I accuse you of the same too, and I'm not hiding behind an anonymous account.

What do you have you to say for that? Want to actually debate the issue instead of calling people names?

You might actually start seeing things differently if you apply reasoning instead of emotion to these issues.

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