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Has the author read the memo?

I do not believe someone can actually read the memo concerned and make observations like:

'It views everything and everyone in black-and-white terms: you are a man or a woman; you are white or you are black...'

'It pushes a narrative. It uses highly subjective language to push demeaning or mocking arguments. It provides "evidence" as an afterthought or not at all. Overall, it is insulting to pretty much anyone who isn't James Damore.'

It does not do this. In fact it does the opposite. It goes out of its way to say that different characteristics are distributed so that different groups and specifically men and women cannot simply be characterised as a binary. It even has a diagram to illustrate this point. It uses no mocking or demeaning language and it is grounded extremely well on science that shows that certain characteristcs are distributed differently between men and women. The memo then suggests how this knowledge could be used to increase the number of female software engineers and support them more effectively.

I stopped reading at the point that it was clear that the author is either deliberately misrepresenting the memo or has a serious problem comprehending written english.

I suggest no one comments on the memo or this article without actually reading the memo concerned.

Annonymous because it is clea rthat thsi debate is not about evidence or facts but about supressing debate and mocking those that hold views based on evidence instead of ideology.

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