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"A noteworthy exception (4 in one pack) is The Google Memo: Four Scientists Respond, I strongly suggest reading that.'

Or for those who can't be bothered, a summary:

Lee Jussim - "I agree with him politically and therefore choose to spectacularly miss the point by claiming this is about whether his scientific claims are scientifically defensible (without, of course, backing up the claim that they are) rather than deeply professionally inappropriate, and ignoring that the controversial bit is the jump from "there is a 5% observed difference on average between men and women at X" and "therefore men are better programmers and always will be" and jumping again to "so therefore we should stop going to efforts to recruit women"."

David P Schmitt - "He gets the science wrong (provides links to studies. Not only is it not clear that sex differences that do exist can directly be transliterated to job performance as a coder, but these sex differences account for less than 10% of the variance. He is using someone's sex to essentialise them - "like trying to operate with an axe". Affirmative action policies which aim to 'reset the dial' to a fair position should be supported."

Geoffrey Miller - "Anyone who isnt a scientist can't weigh in on science. I am an evolutionary psychologist. What do you mean thats not a scientist it's just dressed up for 2017? FUCK YOU. Here have some straw feminists. MORE IDEOLOGICAL DRIVEL ABOUT FEMINISTS. What do you mean this isnt about feminists? What else is there to talk about? Oh I have an idea: RACE! "

Debrah W Soh - "if we can’t discuss scientific truths, where does that leave us? Oh that's right, in a fucking business."

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