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"But then again, he is also a software engineer who is not even 30 years old. Damore's CV reveals an extremely privileged existence: a chess champion with a degree from the University of Illinois, a master’s in systems biology from Harvard, an intern at Princeton, a researcher at MIT and then a software engineer at Google. It is a veritable list of elite US establishments."

A privileged existence, or an accomplished life so far? UIUC is certainly selective, but let's concede that the right zip code had something to do with getting him in. Did he win chess championships by dazzling the opponents with the whiteness of his brow and the regularity of his orthodontia? Presumably Harvard looked for evidence of accomplishments and potential when it admitted him to graduate studies.

But I have to agree that it is a veritable list, even if it might be of "stints at selective US establishments."

"He has never had to build an objective, evidence-based argument for something other than programming a logic machine."

Well, I have met some oblivious programmers. I have to say, though, that journalists are not uniformly better at objective, evidence-based arguments.

My two cents: Mr. Damore was employed to make money for Google. When he became a distraction and a liability, Google fired him, just as UPS might fire a driver who wrecked too many trucks. Should Google have fired him? I should say probably not. Making a martyr out of a jerk is usually bad business.

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