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Exactly. What the google software engineer actually wrote seems quite reasonable and intelligent - the reaction to it hasn't been.

In my world we would extract the key claims he makes in the text and, if there is some debate or uncertainty about them, put them to the test. Because it does seem that much of what he says may have some truth in it, even if you would prefer it not to be so.

Equality for all under the law is beyond doubt the right way to setup a society. However we are clearly not all the same. If you can't see that men and women are different, or that black and white people are different etc, you are stunningly stupid*. Genetic variation exists and we need to accept it. Its just a fact of life.

This variation almost certainly will mean that certain 'types' perform better at some tasks than other 'types'. Tall people are better suited to basketball etc.

The hypothesis that perhaps men are better suited to some types of work than women, and equally that women are better suited to some types of work than men should really not be that controversial for humanity. We seem to be denying whats right in front of us. Evidence for it is all around us in our daily lives. Generally speaking, men and women differ, and we have often no trouble enjoying, celebrating and joking about those differences.

There seems to have been a lot of knee-jerk and group-think reaction to his Google article, including this very disappointing El Reg piece.

* Hint: if you can visually tell white and black people apart, then clearly they are 'different'. Ditto men and women.

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