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Oscar Wilde said, "It is no more just to treat unequals equally than it is to treat equals unequally."

The fact is that people do generally not *want* to be treated equally, because we are diverse and have different likes and dislikes - some due to culture & upbringing, some innate. For many, attending a premier football match would be a reward. For me, it would be a punishment. The same is true of a night at the opera.

And some of those innate preferences are in fact linked to gender. The set of likes, dislikes and aptitudes are statistically different between men and women, and like Wilde said, it would be unfair to treat people who *are* different as if they were *not* different.

The fact that there are fewer women who study or apply for jobs in the tech industry may simply be due to an innate bias that predisposes a greater percentage of those with a Y chromosome and/or high testosterone toward technical matters than those without a Y chromosome and/or high testosterone. Pressuring people into taking a subject or job that they do not particularly like would be just as wrong as denying some people who do have such a liking and aptitude the opportunity to pursue it.

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