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Google diversity memo: Web giant repudiates staffer's screed for 'incorrect assumptions about gender'


Commentards never cease to Amaze Me!

And here I expected the Howler Monkeys to reinforce the band of Flying Monkeys today.

I'm stunned that the SJW ideologue's have pulled a fantastic reversal of themselves and all without injury. I mean, how can people twist themselves into pretzel shapes, and not be damaged. Well, it must be that not many, ACTUALLY read the ten page memo. After all, that take's concentrating, comprehension and other feats of mental prowess, for which many severely lack. Normally, if I were in a good mood, I'd give the benefit of the doubt to them, but, I've witnessed their cruelty too many times before. So, perhaps, those in the know,.....know just how puzzled I am at today's comments. Hmmmm?

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