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Google diversity memo: Web giant repudiates staffer's screed for 'incorrect assumptions about gender'

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But is that trend there because of nature or nurture?

Something that having XX chromosome predisposes you to?

Or something that surrounds a girl growing up to become self-fulfilling?


72% of GPs surgerys had men+women GPs

But 98% of Nurses are female.

Both working in Health Services and involve 1:1 interaction with patients, so why the imbalance there?

These things stem from how children are brought up, what careers are presented to them, what career paths their peers opt for and how the job sector is likely to treat and reward them.

No matter how physically strong and determined a woman was at being in construction I can't imagine a scenario where she would go to work day to day and not be treated vastly differently to her colleagues even if she shared the same skills and talent.

Imagine that but with the incumbent team wearing suits and ties? It would still affect many people's decisions to pursue a career where they may in fact have to work harder and fight harder just to get equal treatment.

The recent news that there is still a pay gap for women doing the same job in many sectors. How is that a thing? I'm not talking about individually negotiated contracts of stars who might have 1 or 2 million more viewers. But what about where there are pay scales declared and yet still they aren't paid the same for doing the same job?

Saying that "women are from venus, men are from mars", should be kept for comedian's routines about forgetting anniversaries or books about love n'stuff. Other than very explicit edge cases there shouldn't be barriers (percieved or real) to women doing the same jobs as men.

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