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I get annoyed when the animated film of "Plague Dogs" gets put in the kids section wherever I see it. I'm sure that it must have spawned a load of awkward questions to parents who thought that it would be just like "Watership Down" (although even that was not particularly child-friendly).

I had an argument with our local Blockbuster (back in the day) because they kept putting it back.

Fortunately, they decided that even though "Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend" was an animated film, the rating meant that it did not get put in the kids section. Apparently though, the version released in the UK was actually watered down compared to the original. Only saw it once (it was actually broadcast on the original Sci Fi Channel, albeit in the dead early-morning hours), and that was enough.

That animation can be used to portray more than kids stories has escaped far too many people.

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