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Internet Connected Kids Toys

Toys are worse than this. I expect Apps to spy on me, but I dont expect toys to spy on me.

Someone bought my lad a teddy that demands to be connected to the internet every 10 minutes.

At the moment the lad is 2 and a half so when the teddy says "tell me your name, login to the website..." he just talks to the teddy and tells it his name.

However, I can see that for older kids explaining why Daddy won't connect the teddy to the internet could be difficult.

Im considering going as far as telling people that insist on buying gifts for my lad to make sure it doesnt require the internet. People already think im bonkers anyway.

My lad clearly does. He clicked on an ad in one of his iPad apps and it took him to the Audi website displaying some model of Audi for approx £50k.

He then came to find me to ask if I could buy it for him.

"Daddy buy this. I have it?"

When your lad toddles up and says that. Its so hard to explain they cant have it without upsetting them!

For those anticipating how this ended.

I ended up buying him a new toy car. It wasn't an Audi. He was very happy.

Im well on the road to overtaking Spider-man as his hero of choice.

*Lad wakes up in the night crying*

Mum: Do you want me to get daddy?

Lad: No. Spider-man please.

Can't win.

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