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"Is it just me or is Mickey Mouse completely, totally and utterly unfunny?"

I absolutely agree with you, I have always thought that perhaps MM was some kind of in joke, you know, you have to be stoned or something in order to 'see it'.

Looney Tunes was always better and funnier than Disney.

I have never forgiven Disney for holding back the Peter Pan franchise to avoid having to pay Royalties to Great Ormond Street. My daughter had to go there a lot as a child and was besotted with Peter Pan (cartoons of which are all over the hospital) but the Disney shops always stocked only the minimum of Peter Pan stuff as GOS was given the Royalty rights in perpetuity in 1929, they would rather not sell anything than have to pay money to someone else.

So, I am not surprised at anykind of exploitation of children from Disney.

Shit company!

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