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Is it just me or is Mickey Mouse completely, totally and utterly unfunny?

Back when I was four of five I (like most kids that age) laughed at all cartoons, because I knew they were meant to be funny so I laughed. Except Mickey Mouse and his friends. They just weren't funny. I laughed at just about every other cartoon.

As I grew older, my tastes grew more refined. Road Runner, very funny. Bugs and Daffy, funny. Popeye, occasionally funny. Mickey, still complete shite.

In my old age, tastes didn't change much except there were new cartoon characters to consider. Happy Tree Friends, hilarious. The rest, pretty much the same rankings as before. Mickey, still complete shite.

Is it a Merkin thing to think Mickey is funny? Is it down to Disney in the US constantly pumping it down their throats like some sort of cult indoctrination in a way that doesn't happen in the UK? Is it a genetic thing like the ability to roll up your tongue (I can) or taste phenylthiocarbamide (I can) and laugh at Mickey Mouse (I can't). Or is it just me?

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