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Customers WILL pay for the speed/bandwidth.

@mathew42 So this would be one of the small shrinking 14% who are willing to pay for 100Mbps? They have the option of requesting a technology change from NBNCo.

The option for requesting a technology change and actually getting one is massive. I am 2,173 metres by copper wire from the phone exchange. I pay the non refundable application fee to nbn<sup?TM</sup> and they laugh all the way to the bank just like they have with most of these technology change requests. They would look at the distance and not even bother considering the request. Requests from businesses that had a 300 metre distance to run the fibre have been denied.

If you ever have a non biased thought about this, think about the number of businesses who would be really happy to have the option of getting 1gbps speed due to the size of the files that they send and receive. Businesses like graphic designers and printers yet you only spout that people would not be prepared to pay for those speeds. I know a printing business that paid Telstra $10,000 for a fairly short fibre run so they could get a 100/100 connection and have the privilege of parting with $1,200 PER MONTH. The local node connection would have provided one fifth of that but only in one direction. I know this business would be happy to pay for 2 x FTTP (failover reasons) at the going rate. Gigabit would be even better mainly because they would have the faster upload speed. Saying people/customers won't pay it is just plain rubbish.

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