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You are with your heads stuck firmly in the past. Actually, many vendors sell PCs with Linux preinstalled. For example Dell sells laptops and desktops with Ubuntu preinstalled (it gives you a choice of three LTS). Which actually shows your assertions are just BS - there's no way MS can forbid it today.

But you all keep on repeating 1990s era "news", before MS was hit by antitrust investigations, just in the attempt to justify almost no one bothers to buy a desktop/laptop with Linux preinstalled, especially since many will order it anyway without the OS and then install the distro of their choice, because not everybody uses Ubuntu. And even if Linux is free, supporting five or six distro would be expensive anyway - especially as long as Linux integralists keep on complaining about proprietary drivers...

What's wrong with Linux is too many believe it is is a religion, and believe in dogmas without actually checking if they are still true. They were told in the past, and it has to be still true... take your head out of the sand.

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