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PasteBin data dump: Hackers claim files are from Mandiant FireEye 'breach'


It is easy for them to say they were not breached.....

Especially now in days what with Microsoft's DNS SideJacking taking place, Windows Update Code Injections and ReSigning of Certs, service DLL Hollowing for obfuscation from scanners, VM-Based PIXE Boot re-directions at the kernel level, and everything else MicroShaft has now made possible thanks to their needing of Windows 10 to be a hit, and be in every home.. To me, it is as big of a failure as Windows ME or Vista... Scratch that... Bigger. Right now, anyone reading this can be attacked VIA twitter by text stego in a picture that directs Chrome(who has also been hit with phony, mal-injected software updates) to a site without the user even knowing, where then code is installed, and the party begins..

I see this just like what happened to Apple back in 08, when they were literally about out of business... Sign them up with the NSA, a new device is just "thought up while on a vision quest" that happens to grab the worlds attention, and makes their lives easier. When in fact it is nothing more than an $800 piece of Social Engineering beauty.. Not only does nearly everyone have a smartphone now.. But nearly everyone thinks that the apps installed on their phones are for "face value." Meaning - They think Angry Birds is just a fun game, when in fact it is just yet another SocEng that masks the truth, of the mega data ex-filtration going on, at all times, and at any time.

Soo..... Any company, legally, can say they were not breached if they made a "conscious effort" to investigate the situation... And Mandiant are IT in that game... So no one will question what they say... Until, like VIKI said:

The Logic is Undeniable....

And they no longer can plug the siphon that slowly opened from a pin-hole....



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