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Apple chief on Chinese VPN app ban: We always toe the line with other nations' laws

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I don't know Chinese law, but obviously VPN services that comply with the law will compromise the privacy and freedom of the Chinese people in some way. If you are going to suggest that Apple should refuse to cooperate, even to the point of having China ban all their products from sale in China, then where's your suggestion that ALL western companies should cease doing any business with China?

Treat them like South Africa was, divest completely, economically isolate them, and see if that makes them loosen the reigns or clamp down even harder to avoid unrest when their economy is sent into a massive depression as a result? Or is Apple alone required to take a stand by you, and everyone else is off the hook and business as usual? Don't be naive, the idea that once China gets richer their government will loosen control has been proven wrong, so if we really care about their citizens we should cut all economic ties with China and try applying pressure the apartheid way.

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