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"PC manufacturer aren't stupid, if Linux would have sold as much as Windows, they would have said MS goodbye a long ago."

'Would have sold', right. How would anyone know how much they would sell without Microsoft?

That's a risk no CEO will take. Not now and not for along time.

Also MS has a policy which defines that either you sell Windows pre-installed (and _only_ Windows) or you are not selling MS-products at all. That's the evil part: illegal abuse of monopoly, very serious threat to HW makers.

Linux is not sold, basically, as it's a free software: Where's the profit on that?

Selling hardware is only one part of profit on HW: Selling advertisements on said hardware is often half of the profit and that's impossible if buyer install his own OS.

Also Intel is practically married with Microsoft and they haven't been able to invent anything really new since late 80s. There's more profits in making same old shit cheaper than earlier and there basically isn't any competition, so no need to invent anything new.

Monopolies and cartels always means technical stagnation and are illegal for a reason. Obviously being big enough leads the cartel wagging the Congress and not the oter way round.

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