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Well, they DID have a backslash, you needed to look for it. Most of the time it was unlabeled.

If you have a model 33 teletype (or 35 for that matter), just press your friendly shift key and strike the 'L' key and it will magically appear. Other glyphs available are:

Shift 'K' - '['

Shift 'L' - '\'

Shift 'M' - ']'

Shift 'N' - '^' (usually an 'Up arrow').

Shift 'O' - '_' (usually a 'back arrow').

Shift 'P' - '@' (this one was usually on the key).

If you got stuck with a non-parity keyboard that had 'alt mode' and not a true escape key, the proper incantation was: Control/Shift/K.

We now return from the 60's/70's to your regularly scheduled program.

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