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Police Don't Care About White Collar Crime

I did work for a psychopath accountant briefly. I later found out that he had set up a pyramid scheme and was bilking people out money left, right and centre.

Dozens of people who were out around $100k-$200k per pop couldn't get the police to lift a finger. They tried for years and years with absolutely no interest from either the police or the crown.

At some point the accountant decided to up his game and hit some big Bay Street (Toronto) outfit for a few million. Through luck someone who had been previously ripped off got wind of this new scam and called someone at the Bay Street company. Suddenly the police were interested in the accountant. He was arrested, tried and walked away with a slap on the wrist.

I was talking with a lawyer I know about the above and he said he wasn't at all surprised. He told me that in the years leading up to 2007/8 there had been billions of dollars of mortgage fraud in Alberta. He then said "It's not like it's hard to prosecute that stuff. You just go to the land registry office, pay the $5 and that's it, all the evidence you need. It's all right there! However, the police and the crown are only interested in prosecuting bar fights it seems."

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