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Have you tried Linux with WINE and also safer Windows in a VM on Linux?

Have you tried MS SFU on NT4.0?

Have you compared the increasing stupidity of ME, Vista, Win8.1, Win 10 with

1) WFW 3.11(with all 32bit extensions and TCP/IP), Win95x, Win98, Win98SE Versus Win ME


2) NT3.5, NT3.51, NT4.0, Win2k, XP (aka NT 5.1), Win7 Versus Win10 (or Win8)

I've also looked at Win2.x, Win286, Win3.0 (all rubbish, Win3.1 was first workable version).

I've used CP/M (on S100, Apple II Z80 card and Amstrad PCW) , CP/M86, PCDOS original, MSDOS 2.11 to 6.22, OS/2, VMS, Cromix, MS Xenix, Minix, DRMultiDos, DRDOS, Gem, Mac OS9, earlier Mac OS X versions, Linux since 1999. I've used MS SFU, Cygwin.

Win10 is pointless garbage, so why would I bother with a less functional MS Linux subsystem than OS/2 text mode on NT4.0 or MS SFU?

I used to support, sell and install MS products. No longer.

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