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Come off it. Unix had been using / as a directory path delimiter for years before DOS discovered subdirectories. Personally I can't recall any situation I've ever been in where it causes problems or ambiguities with written English or maths.

Backslash was used to maintain compatibility with the 1.x option delimiter. It has caused grief in things like scripts and makefiles ever since due to doubling up as an escape character. It is just about bearable if you work in an entirely windows environment but if you have, for example, a central unix-based build machine you can end up with nightmarish \\\\\\ sequences because you have to escape the backslash enough times that the next stage will still have escaped backslashes.

Also, from an ergonomic point of view putting the separator on a shifted key is irritating in an otherwise case-agnostic filesystem. I believe in some keyboards it actually is on an AltGr key, which is even worse.

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