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Windows Subsystem for Linux to debut in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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The announcement post does, however, hint at better two-way interaction between Windows and Linux with the reminder that while “Linux files are NOT accessible from Windows” Microsoft is “working to improve this scenario over time”.


Hmmm ...

Looks bad, sounds bad, smells bad ...

What could it possibly be?

My Linux rig boots MS (XPSP3) just a handful of times a year only to run specific software not available in Linux and in a VM without any external connections.

IMO, " ... better two-way interaction between Windows and Linux ... " is as needed as an outbreak of avian flu in the Metro.

And ... “working to improve this scenario over time” ... should be treated as a threat, no less.

I cannot believe that some Reg readers could actually consider using this a viable option.

I would not let this crap near my Linux install.

As always, YMMV.


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