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> So if that 14% would be make more money for nbn than the 80% you bitch on about. But you have turn it in to class ware far with you speed lotto fanboi support.

It is not class warfare. It is very clear that 100Mbps is recommended as the minimum internet speed. Labor's NBNCo Corporate Plan explained this. My focus on speed tiers is because the NBN benefits should be for all Australians not the elite 1% on 1Gbps under Labor's plan who could most likely afford to install direct fibre if they so desired. As an exercise take the benefits that Labor promoted for the NBN (e.g. eHealth, eLearning, remote working, etc.) use the recommended throughput from the 2010 Corporate Plan for these activities and determine how many are viable at 12Mbps, 25Mbps and 100Mbps.

As previously explained you might be in the <5% who are truely impacted by the FTTN decision, but being willing to pay for a 100Mbps service almost certainly means you are privileged group that should be able to stand independently and not require a government subsidy.

> Lol no they haven't. Plus the coalition said there fttn plan cost would be half the cost of fttp but it cost the same.

Please understand that the Coalition have not changed the wholesale prices charged by NBNCo, except to reduce CVC pricing faster than Labor planned. Significant changes to wholesale pricing require approval from ACCC, so it is a non-trivial exercise.

You haven't provided any evidence on how the Austrlian NBN model can be changed to match the 'success' of the NZ model. Instead all you offer is Lol. Please realise that a new argument is required to restore FTTP, especially now that Labor have realised that the NBN is no longer a significant vote changer.

> You would think since it's claimed to be cheaper than fttp the whole sale cost would be cheaper too.

The independent MPs required that NBN wholesale plan prices for the same speed tier would be the same across all service types. This is the opaque cross-subsidy model developed by Labor.

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