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> So the average is 70Mbps When only 65% can't get about 50Mbps lol.

What is your evidence for this statement? The quote from Consumers expect too much from the internet, says ombudsman containing 65% is "It estimates about 65 per cent of FTTN lines can get between 50 and 100 Mbps".

Lets unpack that a little to help your comprehension:

1. Only 35% of FTTN cannot achieve 50Mbps, and that will decrease further when the transition is complete.

2. 65% of connections on FTTN are 50Mbps or faster.

3. Only 14% are ordering connections faster than 50Mbps

4. At most 5% are impacted by FTTN (35% slower than 50Mbps * 14% who would order faster speeds)

This number reduces further when you consider that Labor estimated that <70% would connect to the NBN because it was too expensive. Adding FTTC reduces the FTTN rollout.

When the percentage impacted is small and the overwhelming majority are from higher socioeconomic groups it is easy to see why internet speeds faster than 25Mbps could be considered middleclass welfare.

Of course if Labor hadn't designed the NBN with speed tiers, then my whole argument falls apart. However the fibre fanbois supproted speed tiers and now have to suffer the consequences of that selfishness.

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