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> Much like they plan for 50% to be on 12Mbps to estimate on what revenue but you keep implying that they built it to only deliver 25Mbps

Instead we have a signficantly worse result from an AVC revenue perspective where >80% are on 25Mbps or slower. The point about Labor planning for 50% to be on 12Mbps is that Labor planned that a decreasing number would have truly fast internet (>= 100Mbps) and that over time Australian internet rankings would fall. If you read the 2010 NBNCo Corporate Plan you will find a chart showing exaclty this.

> Looks like you believe fttn deliver 80Mbps to everyone

Please find a quote from me that supports that position.

> Much like how your condfused to why Telstra had to move people down speed teir because fttn could not deliver the speed poeple where willing to pay for.

I'm not confused about that. This number of people is <14%, which I'll discuss later.

> Yes not unlimited plans you where trying to blame

An RSP offerring unlimited plans has to purchase significantly higher CVC for the network to not have congestion. It is very clear that none of the RSPs offering unlimited plans are pricing them at a level to purchase sufficient CVC. Contrast this with Aussie Broadband who don't offer unlimited and by all reports have a congestion free network.

> Lol why should they when under labor they would have been about to get the speed they where willing to pay for.

My position is that this number of people is <14% which when >80% are on 25Mbps or slower means that this miniority is expecting a government service to provdie beyond what most people are receiving. This small minority who have the option of paying for a technology change or moving. Alternatively when Labor announced speed tiers they could have raised their concerns then that 25Mbps was too slow, but sometimes life teaches hard lessons to the selfish.

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