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Flash, aaaaaah! Western Digital waggles sales in nemesis Seagate's face

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Anonymous Coward

Yeah, right!!

I am guessing we have a Seagate employee or fanboi here.

My experiences of WD and Seagate are as Outcasts; Seagates die in droves, while WD keep on going. Last year I threw away a pile of 20 - 160GB WD drives as keeping them going when flash drives were bigger was getting silly.

In contrast, I have never had a Seagate last more than 5 years, and my very LAST Seagate (ever!! I will not touch the brand now), developed an unrepairable formatting error after only 14 months of light use.

It was returned under warranty, but because I could not source the near impossible to buy Seagate specified packaging, they refuse to replace it.

Maybe I WAS rubbing salt in their wounds by using some Toshiba drive packaging, but that is not the point; specifying packaging that you can ONLY buy in boxes of 1,000 units is not acceptable.

Seagate deserve to die, and hopefully, that is what we are watching right now, the beginning of the end.

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