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> But then there cost for plans are a lot cheaper $60 wholesale for 1Gbps ( wow fttp can deliver 1Gbps even though you have claimed other wise).

I have never claimed that FTTP won't support 1Gbps. What I have pointed out is that Labor planned for less than 1% to have 1Gbps in 2026!

> Lol considering reports that by 2020 1Gbps would be the norm around the world. But it's ok we only need 25Mbps.

Shame that Labor didn't read or understand the charts they included in their NBNCo Corporate Plan. We might have had a different outcome.

> Lol again you have no idea what your talking about. Why does aDSL sync speeds to different place from less than 1Mbps to up to 24Mbps.

Please learn to comprehend the statements you are quoting. I didn't ask for evidence that VDSL speeds vary over the distance of the connection. I asked for evidence that VDSL speeds for [on the same piece of copper] show a wide variation over the course of the day.

> ATM RSP Cvc average is just 1Mbps there is your congestion ATM it's in that same accc report.

Thank you for explaining exactly where the performance issue exists. Inadequate CVC purchase by RSPs to match the plans being sold.

> So a customer PAYing for 100Mbps and Telstra has to move them down to either 50Mbps or worst 25Mbps because the fttn can't deliver over 50Mbps or worst over 25Mbps.

So this would be one of the small shrinking 14% who are willing to pay for 100Mbps? They have the option of requesting a technology change from NBNCo.

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