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Lol Mathew

"Changing technology won't magically cause 80% to connect at 100Mbps. I've clearly explained and the provided the numbers support the fact that slow speeds on the NBN are caused by people's unwillingness to pay for faster speeds. A change in policy is required.". It does when fttn can't deliver those aka Telstra having to move people down teirs.

But then there cost for plans are a lot cheaper $60 wholesale for 1Gbps ( wow fttp can deliver 1Gbps even though you have claimed other wise). They also don't have a Cvc cost and have unlimited plans available with out the congestion. Wow again right must be magic pudding or something.

"What I've asked you to do is provide some thoughts on why the take up rates are so different between the two countries. If 80% of the country were connecting to FTTP at 100Mbps then this would be a clear justification for the NBN needing to support that as a minimum speed."

Lol considering reports that by 2020 1Gbps would be the norm around the world. But it's ok we only need 25Mbps.

"For the >80% willingly choosing 25Mbps or slower effectively the answer is that yes, the financial model Labor put in place for the NBN has resulted in a network delivering 25Mbps or slower."

Willing to chose is not a network being built with fttp a claim of it only doing 25Mbps. When you would have been able to move into any residential place a chose a speed that suits you. Now you fanboi model it the opposite it is only required to deliver an upto (lol not min lol) 25Mbps big difference isn't it.

"The relvant quote from the document is "may reach a PIR within that range only once during a 24 hour period." My undestanding of DSL technology is that performance does not tend to vary wildly over a 24 hour period. Do you have evidence that of VDSL sync speeds showing wide variation over the course of a day? If not then what you are spreading is FUD."

Lol again you have no idea what your talking about. Why does aDSL sync speeds to different place from less than 1Mbps to up to 24Mbps. vDSL has that exact same problem. Again hence why tetra had to move poeple down teir. Now I can understand why it confused you lol.

That document is from NBN it self it's PIR range for 100Mbps on fttn is 25-100Mbps but please try to understand. If what your claiming about the average speed of fttn where true the PIR range would be 80Mbps?

"The reality is that RSP congestion and customers choosing slow speeds is having a signficantly bigger impact on internet speed than MTM."

ATM RSP Cvc average is just 1Mbps there is your congestion ATM it's in that same accc report. But then HFC congestion starts at 1Mbps due to 600 plus on one cable. Fttn congestion starts at 5Mbps due to 2Gbps pipe and fttp congestion starts at 80Mbps for its 2.5Gbps pipe.

"It is not RSPs paying it is residential customers paying for access."

So a customer PAYing for 100Mbps and Telstra has to move them down to either 50Mbps or worst 25Mbps because the fttn can't deliver over 50Mbps or worst over 25Mbps. It's not Telstra fault for FTTN able to deliver. Telstra only at fault for not checking what that fttn could deliver for that customer.

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