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> They are rolling out fttp vs our MTM

Changing technology won't magically cause 80% to connect at 100Mbps. I've clearly explained and the provided the numbers support the fact that slow speeds on the NBN are caused by people's unwillingness to pay for faster speeds. A change in policy is required.

What I've asked you to do is provide some thoughts on why the take up rates are so different between the two countries. If 80% of the country were connecting to FTTP at 100Mbps then this would be a clear justification for the NBN needing to support that as a minimum speed.

> Lol so labor was only building a network that could only deliver 25Mbps

For the >80% willingly choosing 25Mbps or slower effectively the answer is that yes, the financial model Labor put in place for the NBN has resulted in a network delivering 25Mbps or slower.

> And again fttn doesn't not deliver a min 25Mbps it's on upto.

The relvant quote from the document is "may reach a PIR within that range only once during a 24 hour period." My undestanding of DSL technology is that performance does not tend to vary wildly over a 24 hour period. Do you have evidence that of VDSL sync speeds showing wide variation over the course of a day? If not then what you are spreading is FUD.

The reality is that RSP congestion and customers choosing slow speeds is having a signficantly bigger impact on internet speed than MTM.

> Telstra already had PAYING the could AFFORD but nbn fttn has been unable to supply the speed.

It is not RSPs paying it is residential customers paying for access.

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