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> I will assume you will be literate enough to work the % on your own.

Thanks for the data. It confirms that for 100Mbps speed tier that percentages are very similar with the exception of FTTN having significantly more on 25Mbps than 12Mbps compared to other fixed technologies. For FTTN, 100Mbps abvoe 10% is surprisingly high.

> Lol right like you believe fttn delivers a min 25Mbps.

Please provide evidence to the contrary. The complaints I've seen are about congestion caused insufficient CVC as the big issue.

> Yeah you use to argue on the 50% on 12Mbps what happen there lol

I find it amazing that you see 80% on 25Mbps or slower as a great result on a network that is capable of 1Gbps. Personally my reaction is tears. It is also sad to see the number of 1Gbps connections drop from 22 to 17.

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