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Someone I knew was frequently going on about a unsolved crime & stated frequently that whoever did it should keep a very low profile from that day forth (or if you were going to commit any crime do it once, make it big & do it once only) as his "Golden Rule".

Unfortunately for him he met the victims husband & talked of his association (breaking his previously stated Golden Rule) as sales rep to the victims husband's former business & how he was questioned by police at the time.

Five weeks (& some eight years later from the first offense) later he was involved with a criminal offense, involving the son of his ex-employer that he used to work for as a sales rep.

The victims husband (Who was previously quoted as saying, that he always felt that he could one day be drinking with his wife's killer & would never know it) saw his picture & basic details of the new crime on the front page of the local paper, putting Two + Two contacted the police, who also came up with the answer of Four.

Yes hes still inside apart from one brief holiday after escaping from Parkhurst in the 90's (Google that if disinclined to believe).

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