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Opsec blunders and the hybrid laptop

Opsec blunders, you have got to be kidding. If this is the quality of today's cyber criminals then one has to wonder what they're teaching them in computer criminal school lately. Now pay attention whilst we enumerate his major errors:

a. Register domains with same Yahoo email accounts used to order flowers for own wife.

b. Purchase Server using same Yahoo email address.

c. Use same Server to control malware running on POS sales terminals of the Schlotzskys Deli chain.

d. Leave personal information on same Server such as passport details.

e. Run an online criminal enterprise using a 'Windows 8 hybrid laptop'.

f. Use same password on the 'Windows 8 hybrid laptop' as the Yahoo email account.

"In two years, the Feds say Seleznev cleared over $17m in illicit profits and many of the businesses he hit have since gone out of business"

I would have thought online Credit Card losses were covered by the issuer. Besides stealing/selling Ccards is just so much low-hanging-fruit. The real money is to be made by targeting middling to large businesses, non-profits and NGOs. You don't even need any opsec skills, most probably no one will come after you as they also have their hand in the till also. Like certain NGO that consists of nothing but a plaque on an office wall in middle Africa.

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