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"As for the NZ example you still in years of asking have completely failed to explain what the difference is between the two countries."

They are rolling out fttp vs our MTM

"Labor wrote the NBNCo Corporate Plan with the full understanding that only a few would benefit from the truly fast speeds. Replacing all the FTTN with FTTP won't change this."

Lol so labor was only building a network that could only deliver 25Mbps ok

"The average for ADSL2+ is ~11Mbps based on evidence provided by Internode / iiNet in 2007 when they were campaining against Labor's FTTN plan. With FTTN there is a minimum speed of 25Mbps which is sufficient for 80% of Australians based on the take up of the NBN.

You keep claiming that FTTN performance is crap yet fail to provide any evidence. All the evidence points to poor performance caused by RSPs responding to market demands for unlimited data."

You know your talking about the same DSL family right. Yes 11Mbps was adsl average speed. But like I said it's up to speed is 100Mbps. And again fttn doesn't not deliver a min 25Mbps it's on upto. Like your claiming adsl mim speed is 4Mbps lol. BT mim service guarantee for fttn is 6Mbps a bout low for your claimed 25Mbps. But it's like saying fttp 25Mbps is a min when it's also an Up to. So your calling 5 drops outs a day and at least 25Mbps once a day great

"may reach a PIR within that range only once during a 24 hour period."

"So that would be <14% then? That 14% would also most likely have a higher economic status because they can afford to spend more for faster internet. One could argue based on this that FTTP NBN sound like middleclass welfare."

WTF are you talking. Telstra already had PAYING the could AFFORD but nbn fttn has been unable to supply the speed.

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