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> So the next time you BS on 1% on Gbps I will use your lame excuse then.

Which statements exactly? What I've commented on 1Gbps is that very few in Australia can expect to see those speeds based on Labor's plans.

> Btw you know fttn their average speed is below teirs average speed but no real surprises there.

Please provide evidence of this. I will assume that you are technically literate enough to understand the impact of overheads on network throughput.

> You do nothing but complain about labor targets

In an attempt to show fibre fanbois that speed tiers are the biggest limiting factor on the NBN, I use Labor's targets to show that changing the technology won't have a big impact (except for the <14% on 100Mbps plans).

In 2009 if the fibre fanbois had come out against speed tiers and convinced Labor to change, then MTM would not have occurred, because it is easy to explain that 25Mbps is signficantly slower than 1Gbps. Innovation would also have jumped significantly because everyone would know that all fixed connections were capable of 1Gbps.

The reality is a fibre fanboi you have only yourself to blame for FTTN.

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