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Lol Mathew

Wow so your a believe that unlimited is the fault of congestion as an rsp buys enough CVC to keeps it customer base happy lol.

"states that "Not all speeds greater than nbn™ 25 are available at all premises." Therefore we can conclude that FTTN will adequately meet the needs of > 80% of Australians."

That the speed people are choosing here now and the network still have 3+ years togo. Currently in NZ 80% are choosing 100Mbps today. But we should tell them they are wasting there money as you said 25Mbps is enough. But then why are we building the nbn when ADSL delivered up to 24Mbps.

"This is the minimum and What Fibre To The Node technology will deliver for Australia describes real world experience:"

Up to not min address it before even in the 18mth transition period nbn only required to deliver 12Mbps for 1 second in a day.

"In nbn™ technology 101: What is FTTN? states that "Roughly two-thirds of end users will be within 400 metres of the nearest FTTN cabinet". Nbn also stated that copper from pillar to the node average is 350M so somehow they have 2/3 of users in that last 50M or are they just claim walking distance and not copper distance lol.

"I'm confused as to why are RSPs downgrading customers when >80% are selecting 25Mbps or slower."

Because the ones that want to pay for faster speeds either can't get above 50Mbps or worst above 25Mbps. So really how are you confused.

"Of course I would fully understand customers downgrading to 25Mbps because unlimited plans and inadquate CVC purchases by RSPs has resulted in congestion at peak hour which makes paying for faster speeds of diminishing value.". Lol blaming umlimited plans again lol. Must be some kind of miracle in NZ with 100Mbps on unlimited plans.

"The wording change has been applied to all NBN plans regardless of technology. This is being pushed by ACCC speed investigations which I expect will show congestion exists."

So why accc does its report on nbn list

FTTP 12,25,50,100

But for

FTTN 12,25,25-50,25-100

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