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"If Tesltra could sell 250Mbps or 1Gbps plans at a profit then they would. There will be significant first mover advantage for the first to offer 1Gbps retail plans."

So the next time you BS on 1% on Gbps I will use your lame excuse then.

"I'm not a copper fanboi. I'm merely trying to demonstrate that the policy settings for NBNCo are a bigger issue than than the technology choice. We can argue the specifics of facts but the reality is the average speeds on FTTP are far below what Labor predicted and switching back to FTTP will not change that."

Yes you are. You use twisted logic against you and you don't like it. Btw you know fttn their average speed is below teirs average speed but no real surprises there. You do nothing but complain about labor targets which nbn hasn't been building for for 4 years. Coalition % targets are even higher and sooner 2020 but you do not even mention them.

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