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"For 80% on 25Mbps or slower it isn't a lottery, as the difference in technology is barely perceptible."

Lol why pay for faster speed when it's only required to deliver up to 25Mbps.

"Telstra not offering 12Mbps plans explains why only 32% are on 12Mbps plan. However instead of Labor's predictions that only a small percentage would be on 25 & 50Mbps plans and the 100Mbps plan would be above 30% with >5% on 250Mbps plans the reality we find ourselves in is that <14% (and falling) are on 100Mbps."

Oh no not the Telstra not selling excuse. But Telstra not selling 250Mbps or 1Gbps plans either can I use your lame excuse too lol.

"Consider a sales person jubilant that he has moved 18% of his customers from the tier 1 package (12Mbps) to the tier 2 package (25Mbps). Sounds great, until you realise that none of the customers on are on the top 3 tiers (> 100Mbps) and more thalf the tier 4 (100Mbps) customers have dropped to the tier 2 (25Mbps) package. I doubt the sales person will receive a bonus."

Lol leta see your fanboi copper model wants 30% on 100Mbps by 2020 yet fttn finally hit double figures to hit 10% on 100Mbps while fttp has stayed around 14%. Btw labor was expecting 20% on 100Mbps not 30% lol

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